Weather Sensors



Pacific Data Systems supplies weather and soil science sensors from leading manufacturers including Vaisala, Gill Instruments, SolData and Delta-T Devices. 

ATMOS 41 All-In-One Weather Station

Most weather stations are cluttered, complicated and frustrating to install and maintain. Wiring and programming all the components can be a nightmare and finding room to mount everything can be a challenge...

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PDS-WX-3 Weather Sensor

The PDS-WX-3 Weather Sensor offers ultrasonic true wind speed and direction measurement as well as barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity and wind chill temperature.

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PDS-WX-6 Weather Sensor

The Pacific Data Systems PDS WX-6 Weather Sensor with internal GPS is capable of providing apparent and true wind speed and direction readings.

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Gill Windsonic - Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

At last, a real low cost alternative to conventional cup / vane / propeller wind sensors in a single unit - WindSonic from Gill Instruments. Ideal for applications that demand economic wind speed sensing, the WindSonic anemometer is suitable for land-based and marine environments.

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Delta-T SM300 Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor

The Delta-T SM300 sensor offers convenience and cost saving by combining soil moisture and soil temperature measurement. It can be used in all soil types, including saline soils. Engineered for reliability and high performance, the SM300 is well suited to both research and agricultural applications.

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RG12 - Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

The RG12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge provides accurate rainfall data with minimal maintenance and can be used in conjuction with the Pacific Data Systems Automatic Weather Station or your choice of data logger.

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