Satellite Communications l SkyWave IDP-800 Series Modems

Battery-powered satellite terminal

Satellite Communications l SkyWave IDP-800 Series Modems

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The SkyWave IDP 800 series satellite terminal is the first of it's kind. The satellite modem operates on the Inmarsat IsatData Pro network and features an integrated battery for "off-grid" applications. The IDP 800 Series can be used for remote monitoring and management of fixed and mobile assets, anywhere in the world.

SkyWave IDP 800 Series Satellite Modem Benefits

  • No external power requirements -  integrated battery with three year battery life (based on once per day reporting). Can also be run on vehicle power
  • Two-way communication - using the global Inmarsat constellation, offering high payload, low latency and lifetime beyond 2023.
  • Smarter use of airtime - the IDP 800 Series has onboard geofencing and an accelerometer that detects motion to transmit only when moving
  • Slimline design - the low-profile and ease-of-installation, makes the SkyWave IDP 800 series suitable for tracking vehicles, containers and trailers
  • Protection for people and cargo - features such as the integrated panic button, door sensors, power cut detection and GPS jamming provide an improved level of security.

SkyWave IDP 800 Series Appplications 

SkyWave IDP800 satellite vehicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking

marine vessel & ship tracking satellite

Marine / Ship Tracking

satellite tracking container and trailer - SkyWave

Trailer & Container Tracking

Systems Integration Services

Do you need assistance with developing your monitoring or control system? Pacific Data Systems specialises in manufacturing integrated monitoring and process control systems and can assist in developing a turn-key solution to meet your requirements.

Please view our Case Studies to see examples of custom systems developed for our customers.

Technical Specifications

Please download the SkyWave IDP 800 Series Satellite Modem Data Sheet

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