GE Druck 1830 / 1840 Depth and Level Pressure Sensors

PDCR 1830/1840 and PTX 1830/1840

GE Druck 1830 / 1840 Depth and Level Pressure Sensors

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The GE Druck PDCR 1830/1840 transducer (mV output) and PTX 1830/1840 transmitter (4-20 mA output) deliver high performance, economical hydrostatic liquid level measurement.

The 1830/1840 series pressure sensors are suitable for a range of applications including potable water, waste water, tank level monitoring (incuding ship ballast tank monitoring) and marine (eg tide gauges, flood warning and wave profiling).

1830 / 1840 Pressure Sensor Features

  • Ranges from 0.75 mH20 to 600 mH20
  • Accuracy ±0.06%
  • Fully welded 17.5 mm titanium construction
  • Integral lightning surge arrestor
  • Polyurethane and hydrocarbon resistant cables
  • Full range of installation accessories

1830 / 1840 Pressure Sensor Benefits

  • Reliable, accurate and economical level measurements
  • Ease of use - a simple datum marked cable system is provided for ease of installation. In addition, a full range of related accessories simplifies installation, operation and maintenance.

Intrinsic Safety (Optional)

  • ATEX: Certified (BAS 02 ATEX 1250X) for use with IS barrier systems to EEx ia IIC T4 (80°C ambient) for cable lengths up to 29 metres
  • ATEX: Certified (BAS 01 ATEX 1018X) for use with IS barrier systems to EEx ia IIC T4 (-40°C <= Tamb <= 80°C) for cable lengths up to 300 metres maximum

Systems Integration Services

Do you need assistance with developing your monitoring system? Pacific Data Systems specialises in manufacturing integrated monitoring and process control systems and can assist in developing a turn-key solution to meet your requirements.

Please view our Case Studies to see examples of custom systems developed for our customers.

Technical Specifications

Please download the GE Druck 1830/1840 Series brochure for complete technical specifications

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