PDS-WX-6 Ultrasonic Multiparameter Weather Sensor

Ultrasonic Weather Sensor With GPS, Compass & Accelerometer

PDS-WX-6 Ultrasonic Multiparameter Weather Sensor

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The PDS WX-6 ultrasonic weather sensor provides instantaneous information on the most essential weather parameters. The sensor is also fitted with a GPS, compass, accelerometer and gyro for use in moving vehicle navigation.

PDS-WX-6 Weather Sensor Features

  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Measurements: True and apparent wind speed and wind direction, Barometric pressure, Air temperature, Calculated wind chill temperature
  • GPS
  • Two-axis solid state compass
  • Three-axis accelerometer for pitch and roll

PDS-WX-6 Weather Sensor Benefits

  • No moving parts - no maintenance and long-term reliability without calibration
  • Suitable for use on moving vehicles
  • Internal GPS, compass and accelerometer provide navigational data

Systems Integration Services

Do you need assistance with developing your monitoring system? Pacific Data Systems specialises in manufacturing integrated monitoring and process control systems and can assist in developing a turn-key solution to meet your requirements.

Please view our Case Studies to see examples of custom systems developed for our customers.

Technical Specifications

Please download the PDS-WX-6 Weather Sensor brochure for complete technical specifications


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