Advantage R Laser Rangefinder

Rugged Laser Rangefinder

Advantage R Laser Rangefinder

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The Advantage™ R is the most rugged of the Advantage laser rangefinders. The R model laser rangefinder is suitable for mining, stockpile measurement, forestry, wire sag measurement, sports and golf.

Advantage R Laser Rangefinder Features

  • Two models: Range Only (RO), Compass and Inclinometer (CI) 
  • Range: 600 metres passive / 9,100 metres to prism; Accuracy +/- 15 cm/3 sigma
  • Head Up display with LED aiming sight and readings for range/distance, inclination and bearing
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • Optional USB/SD Memory Port
  • Ruggedised, shock-resistant housing

Advantage R Laser Rangefinder Benefits

  • Easy to use auto-compute functions can automatically calculate heights, widths, 3D missing lines, areas and more (CI model only)
  • Wide range of available upgrades and accessories makes the Advantge R an extremely versatile laser rangefinder

Advantage R Laser Rangefinder Applications

  • Mining - drill and blast operations, 3D vertical face profiling, 
  • Stockpile measurement
  • Forestry
  • Wire sag measurtement
  • Sports and golf

Technical Specifications

Please download the Advantage R Laser Rangefinder brochure for complete technical specifications

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