Wireless Survey Data Link

Development & Commerciaisation of a Radio Communications Device for the Survey Industry

Wireless Survey Data Link


A major construction group approached Pacific Data Systems with the concept for the Wireless Survey Data Link. Pacific Data Systems developed the solution based on feedback from the construction group and commercialised the product as a Pacific Data Systems branded solution.

In addition to supplying the WSDL Radio Modules to the construction company, Pacific Data Systems has also sold hundreds of units to the broader surveying industry.

The Challenge

The surveyors for the construction group needed an affordable communications link between their rugged tablet computers and the Electronic Distance Meters in use.

The Solution

Pacific Data Systems continues to develop new WSDL Radio Modules to suit new models of Electronic Distance Meters. The design has also been modified over the past five years and now incorporates:

  • External WSDL modules 
  • Internal integrated modules for the Handheld Algiz 7 rugged tablet 
  • Integrated Panasonic CF-U1 Radio Mount

For this project Pacific Data System has retained the Intellectual Property rights and markets and sells the WSDL under our own branding.

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