T-VIEW Data Aggregator Software

T-VIEW Data Aggregator Software

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T-VIEW exploits the power of the Internet to transfer and export historic data to most database software packages. It's the missing link between conventional monitoring architectures and decentralized networks over the Internet. Only T-VIEW provides the best of both worlds by offering an expandable and powerful, yet ultra-simple, intuitive and low-cost monitoring solution.

T-VIEW's benefits include:

Push & pull technology: T-VIEW uses push and pull technology to automatically process archived data. Unlike a traditional SCADA solution that regularly samples remote stations for historical data, it sends files over the Internet at the initiative of each station for automatic collection.

Intuitive presentation of stations and archives: Extremely simple and user friendly, T-VIEW's graphical interface resembles Windows Explorer and immediately enables stations to be sorted in relation to their zones and regions.

Historical data display: Each station's historical data are consulted using a powerful graphic display tool.

Automatic export to RDBMS: Using a smart mechanism to verify e-mail in background, a remote station's history database is immediately merged to the T-VIEW database and automatically exported to other standard format databases.

GPS mapping representation: T-VIEW supports the use of SHAPE format files, a standard in the field of mapping software.

Automatic station configuration: With T-VIEW's automatic RTU detection device, new stations entering service are self-configured and automatically assigned definitions for tags, trends and alarms. This eliminates errors and the time required for double programming.

Unlimited remote access: T-VIEW allows any user connected to the management network (LAN) to view its data through a Web browser.

Advanced reporting: An optional reporting module based on DreamReportsâ„¢ software enables statistical report generation based on data stored in T-VIEW's archives.

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