T-Box MS

T-Box MS

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The T-BOX MS remote terminal unit (RTU) combines the power of the Internet with modular-based architecture to create a class-leading remote control and automation solution. Equipped with one of the market's most powerful processors, only T-BOX incorporates Web server technology with SMS reporting and remote control to give you real-time access anytime, anywhere using a standard web browser.

T-BOX MS features Plug & Go technology, allowing you to distribute your full site configuration on an SD/MMC card. Your maintenance personnel can deploy it without switching on a computer.

T-BOX MS features GSM telemetry data acquisition and communications. Only T-BOX MS gives you:

  • Onboard web server technology that eliminates the need for complex, costly SCADA software and expensive HMI displays
  • Powerful alarm management that sends alarms to multiple recipients, eliminating the need for 24-hour site monitoring
  • Onboard multimedia capabilities that allow the addition of cost-effective industrial imaging to your application
  • Robust, all-alloy construction that stands up to the harshest environments
  • Intelligent uninterruptible power supply that filters and conditions incoming power and manages standby batteries
  • Communications telemetry GSM is utilized.

T-BOX systems are complemented by T-VIEW an optional software package that provides real-time centralization of site data plus powerful reporting and charting options

Downloads:  Brochure (1.2MB) |  TBox Product Application Brief (2.4MB)  |   TBox System Overview (0.9MB)   |  MS-6RTD Input Module  (0.4MB)

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