Semaphore S20 SHDSL Modem

Semaphore S20 SHDSL Modem

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The Semaphore S20 SHDSL Modem extends communication speed and reach without the additional investment of installing new communications media. An alternative to wireless technology, the S20 SHDSL Modem's unique repeater capability enables communications over existing copper wire networks spanning up to hundreds of kilometers. The modem is ideal for railway, pipeline, utility and power transmission applications that presently employ a copper wire communications network.

Semaphore's S20 SHDSL Modem extends dual Ethernets at high speeds over copper wire pairs to allow for the connection of multiple devices using standard IP protocols. Unlike most products, which inherently limit transmission distance, our S20 SHDSL Modem features a repeater mode which provides excellent reach capabilities. Configuration of the S20 is extremely simple and uses a web interface to display DSL and Ethernet port status and configure line speeds, network address, and authentication permissions.

Semaphore's S20 uses G.SHDSL (Symmetric High-bit rate Digital Subscriber Loop) technology for sending and receiving high-speed symmetrical data streams over a single pair of copper wires at rates between 192 kbps to 2.31 mbps. Also known as G.991.2, G.SHDSL is an international standard for symmetric DSL developed by the ITU.

The G.SHDSL was developed to incorporate the features of other DSL technologies, such as ADSL and SDSL, to transport T1, E1, ISDN, ATM and IP signals. This is the first DSL technology to be developed from the ground up as an international standard.

Semaphore's S20 SHDSL Modem features:

  • Two Ethernet connections, with an embedded switch, over a single copper wire pair
  • Two G.SHDSL modems in one package
  • Up to 2.31 Mbps speed with up to 17 kilometers between nodes
  • Repeater function which permits repetition over hundreds of kilometers
  • Transparent Ethernet/IP connectivity
  • Support of any standard IP communications, e.g. Modbus TCP
  • Symmetric communication that also allows voice and video
  • Simple configuration via web interface
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Rugged design for industrial applications
  • Operating temperature of -40 to +65°C

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