Ethernet Remote I/O Modules

Ethernet Remote I/O Modules

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Semaphore offers a new range of affordable Ethernet Remote Modules of compact size and monoblock construction that can be fixed easily on DIN rail. The modules connect a wide variety of electrical, electronic, and mechanical devices and sensors such as pumps, temperature and pressure transmitters, motors, and more to computers and applications over standard Ethernet networks (Modbus/TCP), RS485 (Modbus RTU), or other controllers and PLCs.

Each remote I/O module has its own Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP port making it easy to connect the modules to each other with up to 100 meters of CAT5 cable, or even longer distances using fiber optic switches.There are several types of Ethernet remote I/O modules available with different I/O formats.

Reference COM 1 COM 2 COM 3 Digital Inputs DO Relays Dig In or Out Analog Inputs Temp Inputs Analog Outputs Counters
RM-100 Ethernet RS232 RS485 - - 8 - - - 2
RM-200 Ethernet RS232 RS485 - 4 8 6 2 0 2
RM-201 Ethernet RS232 RS485 - 4 8 2 6 0 2
RM-300 Ethernet RS232 RS485 4 0 16 8 0 2 2




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