Ethylene & Airborne Pathogen Removal - Megafresh, Chandler

Ethylene & Airborne Pathogen Removal - Megafresh, Chandler

Chandler Megafresh – installs latest proven technology, the Bio Turbo for ethylene & airborne pathogen removal!

Chandler Megafresh are a fruit and vegetable retailer located in the eastern suburbs of Brisbane (QLD, Australia) which is owned and operated by Fruiterer Dominic Casagrande.

Megafresh recently installed three Bio Turbo systems into their cool rooms to prolong the shelf-life of their fresh produce to improve customer satisfaction. The Bio Turbo technology replaces ethylene removal air purification systems that are pellet based (potassium permanganate).

The Bio Turbo technology provides an added feature over and above the ineffective pellet technology as it also eliminates 99.9% of airborne pathogens which can also impact the quality and retail price of fruit and vegetables.

Keeping the Customers Happy
Casagrande states, “Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we only use the latest technologies to improve the quality of our fruit and vegetables keeping our customers happy”.

The Bio Turbo was selected as a technology to reduce produce loss by prolonging the storage life of fruit and vegetables as it requires minimal operator input and only requires servicing once per year.

“I was unhappy with the performance of granular based technologies,” continues Casagrande. “After service and change-out of the old granules, the new granule effectiveness is less than a few weeks and needs to be replaced again. This comes at a cost and does not offer the same protection as the proven Bio Turbo. I am extremely satisfied with the BioTurbo solution and will be installing them at our Carina store, Carina Megafresh and highly recommend this technology for growers, distributors and retailers of fruit and vegetables!”

The Technology?
With several models available, there is a Bio Turbo to suit every application.

The model number represents the number of cubic meters each unit can process within a 24 hour period - Bio Turbo 100, Bio Turbo 300, Bio Turbo 1000 and Bio Turbo 6000.

Want to know more?
Download a copy of this testimonial from Chandler Megafresh, or contact us today to to find out how the Bio Turbo product range can assist with your own application.


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