A New Era for Nursing

Panasonic Toughbook H1 Provides durability, reliability and ease-of-use at Queensland nursing homes

A New Era for Nursing

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Project Summary

Bundaleer Lodge and Algester Lodge in Brisbane, Queensland, have deployed eight Toughbook CF-H1 MCA devices across both facilities to assist nursing staff with medication management, with the help of Toughbook system integrator Pacific Data Systems.

According to Susan Dreyer, Director at Bundaleer Lodge, the Toughbook was chosen over non-rugged alternatives thanks to its robust build and ability to withstand the challenges of a medical environment, as well as its impressive battery life.

“Our Nurse Care Manager has told me that staff are amazed at how stress-free a round is using the Toughbook - they feel as though they have entered a new era of nursing.” 

The Toughbook CF-H1 is specifically designed for the healthcare market, featuring a unique fanless tablet design and no open ports so that it can be easily and safely sanitised with hospital-grade disinfectant, reducing the spread of infection. In addition, with increased RAM, impressive battery life and dual hot swappable batteries, the CF-H1 allows healthcare professionals continuous workflow and access to critical information. 

“We have other electronic equipment that gets a lot of abuse during the working day - in the past items have gone through the wash, had medications spilt on them, been dropped in the toilet and even been run over by a mower, so we needed a device that could tolerate some of our expected and unexpected accidents,” she said. 

“We wanted the units to be able to be wiped down without harm coming to them – and the Toughbooks work beautifully,” she added. 

“We considered regular laptops and consumer tablets, however we discounted these due to the very likely possibility the units would be dropped or have water or medications poured over them. After seeing a demonstration of the Toughbook prior to purchase, I decided they would give me the least amount of maintenance trouble, and this has certainly been the case.” 

The Toughbooks are in constant use and mounted on individual medication trolleys used by Registered Nurses (RN) and Endorsed Enrolled Nurses (EEN) during their rounds, allowing the units to recharge, upload and download data to the medication management system. 

Ideally suited to medical facilities, the Toughbook deployment has saved staff valuable time in transferring medical profiles to other medical facilities while also significantly decreasing errors. 

“For example, when a new resident is admitted, there is no delay in getting a medication profile to work with - and GPs appreciate not having to be here within 24 hours to write up a chart,” Ms Dreyer explained. 

“The security features and hot-swappable batteries were also key features for us - we have a set of spare batteries plugged into one of the docking stations that we have not had to use as yet, but it is nice to know they are there.” 

Ms Dreyer confirmed there are plans to purchase further Toughbooks once extensions to both facilities are completed later this year.

The roll-out of the new devices was done with the help of Pacific Data Systems, and Ms Dreyer complemented them on the smooth and easy deployment. 

“Pacific Data Systems were prompt, knowledgeable and very helpful. They performed valuable demonstrations before purchase and helped with recommending the number of units needed and other parts required for attachment to the medication trolleys,” said Ms Dreyer. 

According to Damien Lee, Business Development Manager Toughbook, PanasonicAustralia, a hard-working and reliable MCA that assists staff in delivering high-quality patient care and data processing ensures overall staff productivity and patient care which is vital for the healthcare industry. 

“Panasonic is proud to have a long and proud heritage in building rugged mobile computing solutions for a wide range of industries.  The CF-H1 is a purpose built, durable and light weight mobile solution that is ergonomic and intuitive to operate – ideal for the demands of the time-critical and potentially harsh healthcare environment,” he said.

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