Medical Research - Cryogenic Dewar (Freezer) Monitoring

Medical Research - Cryogenic Dewar (Freezer) Monitoring

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Monitoring Temperature and Level of Cryogenic Dewars

A dewar is a container used for storing cryogens (such as liquid nitrogen) that have a boiling point much lower than room temperature. The dewar provides thermal insulation which reduces the rate at which the contents boil away.

A Queensland-based Medical Research Institute had a number of MVE1500 cryogenic freezers already in place, each with it’s own sensors and local display of temperature and level. As the dewars are located in a seperate area to where staff are working, the Institute wanted a solution that would let staff check on the status of the dewars from their desks. The Institute also required the system to operate separately to the broader building management system.

Pacific Data Systems supplied and installed a dataTaker data logger based monitoring platform to the Medical Research Institute. Each dewar is connected to the dataTaker in a star topology. The dataTaker data logger is then accessible via the Institute’s Intranet.

Staff can easily view the monitored parameters from their own desk (2 x temperatures per dewar, the level of liquid in each dewar and the usage per day of liquid for each dewar).

The system has been developed to be scalable as the Institute plans on adding further dewars to the facility.

The Medical Research Institute has reported that the monitoring system is working very well for their application.

Prior to contracting Pacific Data Systems, the Institute had assessed an “off the shelf” solution. Now that implementation is complete, they have reported that the Pacific Data Systems solution has been a more cost-effective option as they were able to tailor it to deliver only their required features, whereas the “off the shelf” system contained unnecessary features.

You can download the full case study here

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