Coal Seam Gas Well Head Skid Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of the Performance of Gas Well Heads

Coal Seam Gas Well Head Skid Monitoring

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  • Improved well head performance
  • Greenhouse emissions reporting

Through StrataGas, Pacific Data Systems developed a system for Xstrata to test the performance of individual well heads, and to determine actual carbon emissions as part of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS).

The solution provided by Pacific Data Systems integrates with the existing Emerson 3051 SMV MultiVariable™ Flowmeter which collects flow, temperature and differential pressure data. The Emerson 3051 SMV outputs a HART protocol to the Pacific Data Systems data logging solution. For compliance, the cable enters the monitoring enclosure through an Intrinsic Safety barrier before it is connected to a HCS HART Concentrator which converts the HART protocol to Modbus. The dataTaker data logger polls the HCS module via modbus for the data which gives the customer access to the data 24/7 via the datacache online remote data portal.

You can download the full case study here

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