Application Note: Custom dataTaker data logger systems

Application Note: Custom dataTaker data logger systems

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The strength of Pacific Data Systems ability in data acquisition is our ability to build custom systems with data logging capabilities to meet customer specific requirements. We do not only sell data loggers but can build entire systems to perform a wide array of functions.

We have built countless data acquisition systems for all walks of life from data acquisition monitors for drilling rigs to floating buoy stations connected via radio- telemetry.

We have many years experience in manufacturing these monitoring systems, some of which include industrial PC's, telemetry, variable powered (Mains, solar, wind etc) and many other features. Whatever your requirements are, talk to us! We can assist with the design, construction and commissioning of systems that are tailor made for customers in the fields of:

• Medical research;
• Environmental consultation
• Governmental (EPA, NRM, DPI etc)
• Secondary and tertiary education
• Mining and exploration
• Civil engineering and construction

and many more...

Download this application note which showcases just some of the custom data aquisition systems we have built based around the dataTaker data logger platform.

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