F-960 Ripen It! Gas Analyser

Fast, accurate & cost-effective ripening analysis

F-960 Ripen It! Gas Analyser

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Fast, accurate & cost-effective ripening analysis

The F-960 Ripen It! Gas Analyzer quickly and accurately measures ethylene, CO2, and O2 to assist with decision making throughout the produce ripening process. All three sensors work together to give you a clear picture of gas concentrations in ripening rooms. 

The Ripen It! is a handheld unit that can easily be transported into ripening rooms or connected to rooms through external ports. Data is conveniently transferred from the device to a network using Bluetooth or the removable SD card.

Product Features
• Measures C2H4, CO2 and O2
• Displays results in under 30 seconds
• Past records stored on the device
• Handheld and lightweight
• Battery lasts for 8+ hours
• Display easily viewed in dimly lit environments
• PolarCept!TM water filter for removing non-ethylene hydrocarbons

• Banana ripening quality assurance
• Optimisation of ripening storage atmosphere conditions
• Bagged and packaged ripening system inspection
• Storage assignment in distribution centers
• Ripening room leak inspection

For more information, including product specifications, please download the F-960 Ripen It! Gas Analyser brochure

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