Enerac 700AV Portable Compliance-level Combustion Emissions Analyser

Enerac 700AV Portable Compliance-level Combustion Emissions Analyser

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Enerac 700AV Portable Compliance-level Combustion Emissions Analyser
The Enerac 700AV is a 5-gas* analyser designed for supporting the automotive and vehicle mobile engine exhaust emissions market.

Measuring O2, CO, CO2, CxHy and NO(x), the 700AV also provides exhaust temperature readings and other additional calculations (and optional velocity/flow measurements).

The Enerac Model 700AV is used for a vast array of applications. The most common applications are those related to mobile engine com-bustion exhaust emissions, such as from cars, trucks, buses, boats, locomotives and motorcycles to name a few.

Product Benefits
• fully upgradeable (one can order new sensors and options to the same unit over time).
• includes standard sample conditioning system (thermoelectric condenser also called a peltier cooler) necessary for the proper detection and measurement of both NO2 and/or SO2 gasses.
• maintains proper control over the NO sensors tendency to drift over time with increasing ambient temperatures.
• Enerac Model 700AV’s NO SEM sensor incorporates a proprietary temperature control system designed to automatically hold the nominal filter and sensor temperatures at < 30° C.

This ultimately prevents rising measurement data drift and maintains the actual lower readings of the NO (NOx).

Key Features
Built in Printer: 2” Graphic Thermal Printer
4&8 Line Dual Display: 4&8 line 128 x 64 pixel dual display with backlight. This 4&8 line dual display allows one to see many parameters at once or “zoomed in” closer look at a few specific parameters of interest.
NDIR Bench (Non Dispersive Infrared 3-Gas Sensor) Option: This sensor option allows the unit to detect and measure the CO (in % volume), CO2 (as a direct measurement in % vol-ume) and Hydrocarbons (CxHy) (meets EPA method 25B).
Control Key Pad: Easy to Use Key Pad makes a task a snap. If you want to Print, Store Data, Zero Cal, Turn the pump on and off (and other options)…Just Press the easy to read buttons etc.
Windows Software: Free Windows software means one can use this spreadsheet software “live” and see real time data collection. The data collection is arranged for easy understanding and reporting. One can also “store” data internally in the 700AV unit and download later.

The 700AV unit has RS-232, USB and Bluetooth Communications capabilities.

5.75”(W) x 9.75”(H) x 3.25”(D)

2.72 kg.

Battery: 4 x D-size NiMH rechargeable
AC Adapter / Charger: 240 VAC

4&8 Line 128 x 64 pixel Dual Display

500 Internal Storage Buffers

2” Graphic Thermal Printer

Serial (RS 232) and USB ports, up to 115k Baud; Bluetooth

Download the Enerac 700AV Portable Compliance-level Combustion Emissions Analyser brochure

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