Enerac 500-7 Handheld Combustion Analyser

Enerac 500-7 Handheld Combustion Analyser

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Enerac 500-7 Handheld Combustion Analyser
The Enerac 500-7 is a compliance-level, handheld instrument suitable for the analysis of NOx (NO and NO2) in diesel exhaust emissions.

• Hand-Held Combustion-efficiency Analyser & Emissions-Monitoring System
• Measures NOx (NO / NO2), CO2, O2, Draft and Temperature (Stack / Exhaust)
• Heavy Duty, Light-Weight Aluminum Case
• Powered by 4 X AA Rechargeable Batteries
• Built-in Thermal Printer: 2” Character-type
• Bluetooth, USB & RS 232 Serial Port
• 400 sets of internal data storage buffers
• Free Windows Software

Designed to Meet the Challenges of a Rapidly-changing Regulatory Environment
With the potential for NOx emissions and particulates to contribute to serious health concerns amongst mechanical and workshop staff, the Enerac 500-7 Handheld Combustion Analyser is ideal for determining the efficiency of a combustion source - as well as collecting advanced diesel emissions data for internal safety and compliance-level reporting requirements.

By utilising standard electrochemical sensors to measure NOx (NO / NO2), CO2, O2, Draft and Temperature, the Enerac 500-7 meets the challenges of a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Flexible, Easy to Use
Housed in a rugged aluminum case, the modular design of the 500-7 allows users the ability to replace a battery, a sensor, in just seconds, thus reducing both downtime and cost.

Upgrade Options
The Enerac 500-7 can be upgraded at any time to meet your changing needs. Just add additional sensors to enable testing for various combustion sources, such as boilers, burners, engines, turbines, generators, kilns, dryers, heaters and ovens, just to name a few.

Standard Inclusions
The Enerac 500-7 Handheld Combustion Analyser comes complete with a 4 line display with a backlight, 400 Test Data Storage, Emissions Calculation, Auto Zero, Combustion Efficiency Calculation (with O2 and Temperature Sensors - more advanced calculation with additional combustible sensor), CO2 calculation (with O2 Sensor), Excess Air Calculation (with O2 Sensor), 9” Inconel Probe & 10’ of Viton Hose, Factory Calibrated Sensors, RS-232 Port, USB Port, Rechargeable Batteries, AC Adapter, Enercom Software CD, Model 500 Manual, Charger, Extra
Battery Pack Holder,Web Strap, Carrying Case, 1 Roll of Paper, 2 Extra Filters, Magnets, Calibration Certificate and a 2 Year Warranty on the Unit and a 2 Year (Pro-Rated) Warranty on the Sensors.


• CASE: 9.75”X 4” X 2.75” Aluminum case w/ magnetic support (only unit made in metal case).
• WEIGHT: 1.36 kg.
• PROBE: 9”L X 3/8” OD (other lengths available) SS Stack probe. Probe housing connects to instrument via a 10 ft. hose (other lengths available)
and water trap.

• BATTERY: 4-6 VDC. Rechargeable NiMH (included) or 4 disposable AA alkaline cells. Approx. 6-8 hours operating time w/ water trap.
• AC Adapter / Charger: 240v. 60/50 hz. 9vdc output.
• External Battery Options.

• Internal 2” thermal printer.

• Internal: 400 individually selectable buffers hold one complete set of measurements each in non-volatile memory. Buffer contents can be sent to printer or serial port. Data is stored by pressing the STORE key or automatically on a periodic basis.

• Bluetooth, RS-232 Serial Port (settings: 96,00,N,8,1), USB Port.

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