How Can We Solve Your Monitoring and Automation Challenges?

How Can We Solve Your Monitoring and Automation Challenges?

Do you want to:

  • Solve a monitoring and control problem that everyone else has put in the "too hard" basket?
  • Automate a manual process?
  • Monitor or control multiple elements?
  • Integrate disparate systems?
  • Add additional functionality to an existing system?

How Can Pacific Data Systems Help?

Since 1984 we have been solving problems for customers like you.

We have experience in mining, agriculture, surveying, environmental protection and other industries and have worked with differing technologies including RFID, 24/7 remote connectivity and satellite telemetry.  

From one-off systems through to commercial products, we have been involved in a diverse range of projects.

Download our discussion paper "Developing Bespoke Solutions When “Off-The-Shelf” Does Not Exist" to find out more about our experience and four-phase approach to overcoming monitoring and control challenges.

Previous Projects

(L-R): Iron Ore Wagon Loading Monitoring & Automation System, Gas Pipeline Leak Testing System, Mining Vehicle Brake Monitoring, Wireless Survey Data Link for use with Surveying Robotic Total Stations (e.g. Leica)


For a confidential discussion of your monitoring and automation project, please contact

Paul Gapes, General Manager

07 3361 2000