Gantner Instruments Q.series - Q.brixx

Portable measuring system for changing tasks

Gantner Instruments Q.series - Q.brixx

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The portable measuring system Q.brixx is well designed for changing assignments. Separate measuring systems in sturdy aluminum housings can be designed for stationary and mobile use with complete flexibility based on the Q.series functions.
Up to 16 slide-in modules, for example, offer users 24 parallel universal channels plus 16 inputs for thermocouples plus 8 carrier frequency channels plus 8 counters in one housing. The modular design and infinite combination possibilities of all Q.series functions ensure extremely high system capability. In addition, the 'Hot Swap' feature is also available for the Q.brixx system.

A Q.brixx system is always equipped with a Test Controller Q.gate that provides an Ethernet TCP/IP interface. With the Test Controllers PAC functionality advanced calculations, PID, sequence functions, Boolean combinations etc., can be defined and will run independent from a PC.

Because of the modular concept, the high flexibility and the advanced functionality very dense and powerful systems can be configured.

Gantner Instruments Q.brixx Measurement Modules

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Q.brixx A101 Q.brixx A102 Q.brixx A103 Q.brixx A104
Q.brixx A106 Q.brixx A107 Q.brixx A108 Q.brixx A109
Q.brixx A123 Q.brixx A128 Q.brixx D101 Q.brixx D104
Q.brixx D105 Q.brixx S104

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